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TAPI Driver

The Allworx TAPI TSP (Telephony Service Provider) Driver transforms your Windows-based PC into a communications powerhouse. The Allworx TAPI TSP Driver allows for the following enhancements on 3rd party applications that support these specific features.

Key Features

  • Support for Multiple Calls: applications that allow for simultaneous multiple calls are supported
  • Outbound Calling: including placing outbound calls and dialing additional digits on active calls (e.g. at an auto attendant or entering a PIN code)
  • Inbound Calling: including answering or receiving prompts and caller information on inbound calls
  • Support for Caller ID: including automatic display of contact information
  • Transfer Call: support for both blind and attended transfers
  • Park Call: support for parking and retrieving parked calls
  • Hold and Un-Hold Call: easily place an active call on hold or un-hold depending on application

Available as an option with no license fee once the Allworx Call Assistant License Key has been purchased.


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